Fogal Refrigeration starts its activity in 1967 by designing and manufacturing refrigerators for points of sale.
The company succeeded in turning its operative flexibility deriving from its small size into a competitive advantage, thus providing a highly differentiated supply. Our success exactly lies in the ability to manufacture products which are personalized in form and materials, and to target a market segment that larger competitors are often unable to cater for.
Currently, Fogal Refrigeration can offer four different models of wall refrigerators:

· satin or polished stainless steel
· all RAL colours (inside and outside)
· supplied with a wide range of accessories
· outside laminated finish
· two available depths (standard or slim)
· eight different and multiplex lengths

Our refrigerated cabinets are TÜV  branded (where necessary, according to the model and to the different options) and all of them comply with the requirements of all European directives.
Furthermore, our products are tested and approved according to the CB scheme by means of an important TÜV licensed body.


These standards are valid all over the world and are recognised by all major countries. Fogal Refrigeration, which has been certified UNI EN ISO 9001 for years, regards the concept of quality not only as compliance and suitability of the products but also as a “management system”. In this perspective, our main goal is to focus on clients and their needs. This can be achieved by adopting Total Quality as the usual management strategy and by optimizing the constellation of available resources, be they human or technological.
The commitment towards total quality is inseparable from that towards environment sustainability. For this reason Fogal Refrigeration obtained the environment certification UNI EN ISO 14001 and the safety and management certification according to OHSAS 18001 standards.


Thanks to perseverance and creativity, two of the main values of the northeastern Italian culture, Fogal Refrigeration has gained a leading role in the international markets.
Moreover, thanks to energy efficiency, sustainability and quality, some of our products have been listed in the TOPTEN.EU list as best products of the category.


Fogal Refrigeration’s international vocation is therefore evident; today its marketing activities stretch beyond the boundaries of Europe, with exports reaching 90% of total sales. More than healthy from a financial point of view, our company has now doubled its turnover in comparison with year 2000.
During 30 years of business an entrepreneur’s bet has become today a successful, solid and efficient company. It represents a model of excellence of “made in Italy” production, where technology and industrial effectiveness still combine perfectly with craftsmanship and family traditions.

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